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Access Microsoft OneDrive

How to access your OneDrive associated with your university email account.

Access Outlook Dept-Shared Mailbox / Calendar

Access a department shared email mailbox (employee, student-employee, student organizations). Instructions for: Windows Desktop Client, Outlook Online, Apple.

Add Out of Office reply to a Shared Mailbox

Step by step instructions on how to add an out of office reply to a shared mailbox.

Backup Metro Email Before Account Closure

Student email accounts close after a period of time following graduation or end of enrollment. Before the accounts are closed, emails can be saved to a personal account using these instructions.

Change Default Primary Email Address to

View instructions on how to change your Primary Email address to Your primary email address is displayed as your 'FROM' address on all email.

Change Outlook Contacts Name Display Order for Personal Contacts

Change the display name order of contacts on Outlook desktop client and Outlook Web.

Create Outlook Email Signature

View instructions on how to create an Email Outlook Signature (Outlook Desktop Client and Web App).

Email and M365 for Employees Who are also Students

View information you need to know about your email / M365 account if you are an employee taking classes at Metro State.

Email Course List

This article is for instructors who wish to contact their students. The available options for instructors are listed within this article.

Email for Employees Affiliated with Multiple Minnesota State Institutions

View employee email information for those who are affiliated with more than one Minnesota state institution and and how to set primary email address and institution.

Email for Students Who Attend Multiple Minnesota State Institutions

Email from all affiliated Minnesota State institutions will be delivered to one mailbox. Students can select their primary email account.

Email Setup: Android Mail

Email setup on Android mail (default email application built into on laptops/desktops). Note, for best user experience, use Microsoft Outlook mobile app rather than Android mail.

Email Setup: Apple Mail for MacOS

Set up Email on MacOS native Mail application (default email application built into on laptops/desktops).

Email Setup: iOS Mail (iPhone, iPad)

Set up Email on iOS native Mail application (default email application built into iPhones/iPads).

Email Setup: MacOS Outlook Desktop Client

View step by step instructions on how to configure the Outlook Desktop Client on your Apple computer.

Email Setup: Outlook Desktop Client for Windows Personally Owned Devices

Instructions to set up Outlook Desktop client for Windows personally owned devices.

Email Setup: Outlook Desktop Client for Windows University Owned Devices

Setup Outlook Desktop Client for Windows on University Owned Devices

Email Setup: Outlook iPhone / Android Mobile App - Preferred Mobile Email Client

For the best user experience, Microsoft Outlook mobile application is recommended for accessing your university email account.

Legal Name Change

View legal name or social security change process.

Mail merge from a Shared Mailbox

Step by step instructions on how to do a mail merge from a shared mailbox.

Outlook Email and Login for Employees

How to access your employee email for the first time and other employee login information.

Outlook Mail Rule: Manage Email from another Institution

View steps to set up an email rule to help manage email sent from contacts from another institution.

Preferred Name Change

View preferred name change process.

Share Outlook Calendar

Instructions to share your individually owned Outlook calendar(s) with another contact that exists within the organization global address book.

Shared Drive: File Restore

How to recover a deleted file from the shared drive and or a previous version.

StarID Account Access - Employees

Description of StarID account access for Employees.

StarID Account Access - Students

Description of StarID account access for Students.