Employee Network Folder Access: Home (H:), Shared Drive (S:)

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  • What is a shared folder?
  • How do I access shared folders?
  • How do I create a shortcut to the folder?

Shared Folder Definition:

  • A shared folder is a network folder that is available to multiple computers and users of the Metropolitan State University network.

Access a Shared folder from a university computer:

To access a network folder from off-campus from a university laptop you will need to be connected through the VPN.

  • Step 1) Click on the Start button
  • Step 2) Click the File Explorer icon (folder icon) on your taskbar.
  • Step 3) When the new window opens, double-click the appropriate network drive (H:, S:, U:, etc.).
  • Step 4) Double-click the shared folder you wish to access. You may have one or more shared folders depending on your access.

Create a Shortcut on a university laptop

  • Right-click on the shared drive icon and select Create Shortcut.

  • Drag the shortcut to your desktop.

Access a Shared folder from a university or non-university computer (my.metro):

  • Step 1) Browse to my.metro and log in using your MinnState O365 login, StarID@minnstate.edu.
  • Step 2) From the left side navigation, under Apps and Courses, click on My Apps.
  • Step 3) Under Resources, click on the Shared and Home Drive Access button.

  • Step 4) You will be prompted to enter your login to access folders:
  • Enter username StarID-only and StarID password (do not use StarID@minnstate.edu)
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