Access Employee Shared Drives: Viewing a Shared Folder

How To 


  • What is a shared folder?

  • How do I access them?

  • How do I create a shortcut to the folder?

Shared Folder Definition:

  • A shared folder is a network folder that is available to multiple computers and users of the Metropolitan State University network.

Steps to Access a Shared Folder:

  1. Click on the Start button

  2. Click the File Explorer icon (folder icon) on your taskbar.

  3. When the new window opens, double-click the appropriate network drive (H:, S:, U:, etc.).

  4. Double-click the shared folder you wish to access. You may have one or more shared folders depending on your access.

Steps to Create a Shortcut:

  1. Follow the four steps listed above.

  2. Right-click on the shared drive icon and select Create Shortcut.
    Image of shared drive icon

Access a Shared Folder Off-Campus:

  • To access a network folder from off-campus from a university laptop you will need to be connected through the VPN.
  • To access a network folder from a non-university laptop that has Internet access go to my.metrostate and log in using your MinnState login. From the left side navigation, under Apps and Courses, click on My Apps. You will see the network drives listed under Resources.
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