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ALL: Read the description and features of Turnitin and access a tutorial.
ALL: Read about features of Media and Recording and Editing third party tools, like Audacity and Kaltura MediaSpace.
View location, hours and availability of the computer labs on the Public Safety and Police Science Center (PSPSC) Campus in Brooklyn Park.
Read about options for backing up data from your State owned device in preparation for a Life Cycle Replacement computer.
View replacement computer options for staff.
Read about the process of replacing State-owned devices used by administration, resident faculty and staff.
This article highlights resources that can help you work remotely.
Reference Minnesota State information about State Employee Self Service (SEMA4).
View a list of adapters that are compatible with on campus technology and a link to buy them.
Steps on how to access faculty and staff Minnesota State Connect - SharePoint site.
Important information for return to campus.
Instructions for faculty and staff wanting to update academic/professional credentials on the university online directory, as well as how the 'courses' section is updated and displayed.
View step by step instructions on how to configure the Outlook Desktop Client on your Apple computer.
Learn about frequently used playback numbers and more.
View these instructions when your iPhone or iPad is not easily connecting to a network.