LCR: Staff Computer Options

General Information


  • I am a Staff member and have been notified I am due for a replacement computer. What are the options for me to choose from?

Computer Platform Options:

Cost of Package Platform Standard Configuration Notes
$1019 Laptop Dell Latitude 5420 14" Display Does not have optical drive
    Processor: Intel Core i5 Additional power supply is provided
    Memory: 16 GB RAM One LCD screen is provided
    Storage: 512 GB SSD  
    3 Year Warranty  
    Dell WD 15 Dock  

Additional Information:

  • The cost of the standard LCR package is not charged to department accounts.

  • If a custom build or enhanced specifications are required, the price difference would need to be covered by the department.


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Tue 12/5/17 1:49 PM
Tue 4/5/22 10:52 AM

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