LCR: Life Cycle Replacement Process

General Information


  • What are components to the Life Cycle Replacement (LCR) process?


  • LCR hardware assets are on a three year scheduled replacement cycle.

  • Resident Faculty or Staff eligible for replacement are contacted by IT Services.

  • Resident Faculty or Staff eligible for replacement will review their respective computer options and the standard software package for the computer platform chosen.
  • IT Services will order hardware scheduled for replacement.

  • Once the hardware order is received, IT Services will prepare the hardware for delivery.

  • When the hardware is ready, an appointment will be scheduled with individuals for the LCR deployment.

  • Individuals will need to backup data to the H: drive in preparation for LCR deployment.

  • The individual is responsible for clearing the workspace around their current computer for easy transition of hardware setup. For details see, LCR: Preparing for a Replacement System


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