LCR: Preparing for a Replacement System

How To


  • I have been notified that I am due for a Life Cycle Replacement computer, what do I do with the data on my current State-owned computer?


  1. Please back up your documents. 

    • Save documents and data to a network drive, such as the S: drive or your H: drive, this requires connecting to a campus network.

    • Save documents and data to an external drive, such as a flash drive or an external hard drive (these are not provided by IT Services). This can be done offline. 

  2. Back up your Internet browser bookmarks or favorites by following the respective instructions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

  3. Review the back up locations you have selected and ensure that all data is accounted for.

  4. Save any open documents, close out of open applications and log out of the system prior to the technician arriving.

  5. Clear any items, notes, decorations and other items away from the computer and monitor to ensure the technician has easy access to replace the system.

Additional Information:

  • If you need assistance backing up your data, please notify IT Services before your LCR appointment. Some data back ups and transfers can take several hours.


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