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Clearing Keychain on Mac Devices

How to get rid of Keychain pop up windows on a Mac

Computer Assignment and Replacement Process

Read about the process of replacing State-owned devices used by administration, resident faculty and staff.

Computer Assignment: Faculty

View replacement computer options for Resident Faculty.

Computer Assignment: Staff

View replacement computer options for staff.

Home Wireless Printer How To

Accessing wifi print capabilities while working from home on the Metro State network connection.

Metro-Print Universal Printing

View information on "Follow me printing" by using Metro-Print.

New Computer Delivery Preparation

Read about options for backing up data from your State owned device in preparation for a Life Cycle Replacement computer.

Print Locations for Faculty and Staff

List of printing locations for employee use

Print Locations for Students

List of printing locations for student use

Printing: Network Printer Service

View the contact information for Marco, the contracted service provider to network MFP printers on campus.

Web Print Instructions

Web print instructions. Submit a print job via a Web browser