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The University has a fleet of efficient and cost-effective printer, copying and scanning devices called Multi-Functional Devices (MFD). You can print to any Konica MFD device, on any of our campuses, by sending your document to a central print queue (Metro-Print) and using your University ID card at the most conveniently located MFD for secure, confidential printing. These devices have all been standardized to provide consistent benefits across the fleet, including:

  • Color
    • Black and white printing is the default setting. You can select color printing for any document by changing the printer properties.
  • Duplex
    • Duplex (two-sided) printing is the default setting. You can select single sided printing for any document by changing the printer properties.
  • Follow me print
    • Allows you to retrieve your print(s) from any of our multifunction printers at any of our campuses/locations by simply going to the most conveniently located MFD closest to where you are working and using your University ID card for secure confidential printing to release your printouts. See locations below.
  • Secure print
    • Only the person who sent the job can retrieve it, protecting your information.
  • Web print
  • Scan to email
    • Each MFD populates your email address automatically when authenticating to make scanning faster, even if you have never used that printer before.


Metro-Print is available from all University owned computers, including the Virtual Computer Lab, computer labs, computer classrooms, instructor stations, and employee computers. Personally owned devices may leverage web printing.

Metro-Print Instructions

  • Follow the steps below to use Metro-Print from any university owned Windows device.


  • Step 1) From your document go to File > Print.
  • Step 2) Select print option: Metro-Print on sp-print-ps11.

  • Step 3) To set desired print options, select Printer Properties.

  • Step 4) Select Print.
  • Step 5) Take your university ID to the MFD and scan your university ID. You also have the option to enter your StarID and password or enter your Tech ID (listed on your ID) from the touch panel.

  • Step 6) Select the Release button on the touch panel and select the print job you would like to release or Select All, then press the Start button.

  • Step 7) After you are done printing, copying or scanning, log out of the MFD by pressing the Access button twice. If you forget to log out, you will automatically logged out when the MFD has been idle for two minutes.
  • If the print jobs are not printed they will be held in the print queue and will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

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