Email and M365 for Employees Who are also Students


I am an employee who also takes classes at Metro State.  What do I need to know about my email / M365 account?


Employees who take classes at Metro State receive a separate student email / M365 account.

  • Employees who take classes will have two email / M365 accounts: employee and student. 
  • Each account can be accessed using the respective employee or student MinnState M365 login credentials reflected below.
Employee Email / M365 Account Student Email / M365 Account

Employee MinnState Login:

  • Username:
  • StarID Password

Student MinnState Login:

  • Username:
  • StarID Password
Email Address: Email Address:
Email Received: Employee Email Received: Student

Note: There will be a small number of email addresses that will include a number in the email address. If there is more than one person with the same first and last name your email address may contain a number, for example

  • Student:
  • Employee:

Points to Remember

  1. You will need to log in to both of your employee and student email accounts with the appropriate MinnState login.
  2. You will receive a student email address at any Minnesota State institution where you take classes.  All email will be delivered to one student mailbox.
  3. You will need to set a primary student email account if you are attending classes at multiple Minnesota State institutions. 
  4. If you are both employee and student, you will need to set up Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on both your employee and student accounts. The Microsoft Authenticator application can support multiple accounts. If you are employed or take classes at multiple Minnesota State University / Colleges you only need to do this once per employee/student account.


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