Email for Employees Affiliated with Multiple Minnesota State Institutions

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  • I am a Metro State employee who is also employed at another Minnesota State institution, how will my email be delivered? 


Employees (and students) will access their email accounts with their MinnState login credentials.  Email from all affiliated Minnesota State institutions will be delivered to one mailbox. Employees can select their primary email account.  

  • Use MinnState login credentials to access your email:
    • Login:
    • Password: StarID Password
  • Employees will maintain their individual email addresses for all of their affiliated Minnesota State institutions. 
  • All email will be delivered to one mailbox
  • Set your primary email address if it is not already set to a metrostate email address. This is the email that will show as your 'From' address. Only one of your email addresses can be selected as the primary email address and default institution.
  • Email aliases cannot be deleted from institutions you no longer attend/work at. If someone prefers not to see the email from another institution in their inbox they can create a folder and an inbox rule to divert that institutions email there.

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