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View employee email information for those who are affiliated with more than one Minnesota state institution and and how to set primary email address and institution.
View information you need to know about your email / M365 account if you are an employee taking classes at Metro State.
This article highlights resources that can help you work remotely.
MinnState provided Microsoft 365 login is used to access Metropolitan State University email, Microsoft 365 Online and other services.
Formerly known as Office365 or O365
View instructions on how to create an Email Outlook Signature (Outlook Desktop Client and Web App).
View steps to set up an email rule to help manage email sent from contacts from another institution.
MFA Automatic Enrollment Instructions: set up phones with call-only capability and cell phones without smartphone capabilities
Change the display name order of contacts on Outlook desktop client and Outlook Web.
Access a department shared email mailbox (employee, student-employee, student organizations). Instructions for: Windows Desktop Client, Outlook Online, Apple.
Setup Outlook Desktop Client for Windows on University Owned Devices
Email setup on Android mail (default email application built into on laptops/desktops). Note, for best user experience, use Microsoft Outlook mobile app rather than Android mail.
View instructions on how to change your Primary Email address to Your primary email address is displayed as your 'FROM' address on all email.
If you are a student or employee, use eduroam as the primary wifi to connect to network resources.
View convenient training resources for learning about Microsoft Office (O365) and individual Microsoft applications.
For the best user experience, Microsoft Outlook mobile application is recommended for accessing your university email account.