Outlook Mail Rule: Manage Email from another Institution

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  • How do I setup a rule to help manage email sent from contacts from another Minnesota State institutions address book?


  • You can setup an email rule to move email received from senders from a specific institution to a folder you specify.
  • There are multiple ways to setup conditions for rules to manage email.

Outlook Web Instructions

There are many ways you can set up conditions for email rules to manage email. The following instructions show how to set up a rule to move email received from senders of an institutions address book to a folder you specify.


  • Step 1) From Outlook Online create a new folder. This folder will be the folder you will set up a rule to move email into.
    • Right-click on a folder in Outlook folder directory, select Create new folder or Create new subfolder and type a folder name.
    • You can drag the folder to a preferred location within the Outlook folder directory.
  • Step 2) From Outlook Online select 'Settings' ⚙️ (Gear button at the top right corner).
    • Type rules in the search box > Select Inbox rules.

  • Step 3) Select Add new rule

  • Step 4) Type in a name for this rule.
    • Add condition Sender address includes from the drop down menu. In the text box enter, for example, @minnstate.edu
    • Add action Move to
    • In the search field type in the folder name that you created in step 1 and select Save.

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