MFA Supported Applications

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) Supported Applications

The O365 multi-factor authentication is a service provided through the Minnesota State Microsoft O365 tenant. The Minnesota State System Office IT in partnership with each Minnesota State institution requires all accounts to have MFA enrollment . This solution helps protect not only your account, but all data and applications connected to the Minnesota State O365 tenant.   

For the best experience, it is recommended to use Microsoft products for O365 MFA set up. For instance, it is recommended you use Microsoft Outlook for email with MFA Microsoft Authenticator app, rather than email applications that come installed on a device. By using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Authenticator app compatibility for MFA, we can best support you.

Minnesota State supports Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook for Mobile. Apple Mail and Android email apps are not officially supported. Metropolitan State University provides best effort support for Apple Mail or Android email apps (see Additional Resource links below for details).

OS or Device Applications
Microsoft Windows Microsoft Outlook 2019, O365
Apple Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave and newer Microsoft Outlook 2019, O365
iOS, iPadOS, Android (latest versions) Microsoft Outlook for Mobile

Non-Standard Applications:

If your device does not support one of the above applications, consider using Outlook from online. Other e-mail and calendar applications not listed cannot be guaranteed to work with MFA. Minnesota State provides our email and MFA services and other apps are not officially supported. However, we have made best effort to provide this information to use these popular services below.

Additional Resources: Email setup instructions

Supported Applications - Outlook:

Non-Standard Applications:

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