MFA: Setup Process

What is Multi-Factor Authentication for O365?

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), in some instances referred to as 2-Factor authentication, is a form of authentication which provides an added layer of protection, beyond just your password. This added authentication verification helps verify that a person logging in to an account is authorized to access that account.
  • Note: Effective February 27, 2023, Microsoft will require number matching for all MFA requests that use the Microsoft Authenticator App.


  • All new accounts are automatically enrolled in multi-factor authentication. You'll be prompted to complete setup when you sign in for the first time.
    • Items to note:
      • I am both an employee and student - what do I need to know?
        • If you are both employee and student, you will need to set up MFA on both your employee and student accounts.
      • What if I am employed or take classes at multiple Minnesota State institutions?
        • If you are employed or take classes at multiple Minnesota State University / Colleges you only need to do this once per employee/student account.
  • Setup preparation:
    • You will need immediate access to the phone device you will be selecting for the verification option.
    • It will also be helpful to have a Computer with Internet connectivity available.
  • Why is setting up an alternate backup phone number important? How can I avoid being locked out of my account?
    • To help ensure you are not locked out of your account, it is important to set up one or more alternate options in the event you do not have access to your primary phone, for instance if:
    • You do not have immediate access to your primary authentication phone
    • Your phone battery is dead
    • Your primary phone device is lost, stolen or damaged
    • You get a new phone and no longer have your original primary phone number

Authentication Options and Instructions

  • Option 1) Use this option if you have an iPhone or Android Microsoft Authenticator App for Smartphones phone.
  • Option 2) Use this option Authentication Phone if your phone has call-only capability or for cell phones without Smartphone capabilities: 

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