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Articles, resources, and best practices for safe computing, including: MFA, Phishing, and more.

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Pinned Article MFA Setup and Process Overview

MFA authentication options and setup instructions

Internet Guardian

Internet Guardian (Cisco Umbrella) is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go.

MFA Supported Applications

View MFA supported applications.

MFA: Authentication Phone (call-only phones & non-smart cell phones)

MFA Automatic Enrollment Instructions: set up phones with call-only capability and cell phones without smartphone capabilities

Phishing Overview

General information on Phishing attacks, types, examples, prevention and other resources.

Report Phishing Email and Classify Junk / Non-Junk Email

View how to report phishing email from Outlook, as well as report and classify phishing, junk and not junk email

Safe Computing Practices and Tips

Learn safe computing practices to help protect devices and personal information.