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Pinned Article MFA: Set up O365 Multi-factor Authentication

Overview of MFA, Automatic Enrollment MFA options and setup instructions.

Internet Guardian

Internet Guardian (Cisco Umbrella) is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go.

MFA Supported Applications

View MFA supported applications.

MFA: Android - Microsoft Authenticator App

MFA Automatic Enrollment Instructions: set up Android - Microsoft Authenticator app

MFA: Authentication Phone (call-only phones & non-smart cell phones)

MFA Automatic Enrollment Instructions: set up phones with call-only capability and cell phones without smartphone capabilities

MFA: Campus Office Phone

MFA Automatic Enrollment Instructions: set up campus office phone.

MFA: FAQs Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) FAQs

MFA: iPhone - Microsoft Authenticator App

MFA Automatic Enrollment Instructions: set up iPhone - Microsoft Authenticator app

MFA: New Phone or Number Change

View information on transitioning to a new phone and/or new phone number.

MFA: Select an Alternate Sign-In Verification Option

Instructions to view and select an alternate sign-in verification option. Instructions assume you have previously set up one or more alternate verification sign-in options for MFA.

MFA: Set Up Alternate Sign-in, Add or Make Changes

Instructions to set up an alternate back-up sign in option(s) or add or make changes to MFA settings.

Phishing Overview

General information on Phishing attacks, types, examples, prevention and other resources.

Report Phishing Email and Classify Junk / Non-Junk Email

View how to report phishing email from Outlook, as well as report and classify phishing, junk and not junk email