D2L Brightspace: Login Information

General Information


  • What is D2L Brightspace and how do I access the login page?


  • D2L Brightspace is the university's learning environment; it's the website where most of the university's online learning content is housed. 

  • D2L Brightspace is used to support fully-online courses (which may include online independent studies), hybrid courses (both face to face and online work), hyflex (face to face and/or synchronous online), and even face to face courses. 

  • Students can access content wherever they have a computer with a connection to the Internet. Some features are even available on mobile devices.

    • While D2L is continuing to develop a more mobile-friendly learning platform, there are still many technologies used within the platform that can only be supported by a computer (not a Chromebook, not a mobile device like an iPad). 

  • Access the Metropolitan State University D2L Brightspace Login Page

    • You will need to have your StarID and password set up and ready to go. It will ONLY be your StarID, it will not include @my.metrostate.edu or @go.minnstate.edu; just your StarID, once you press the Sign on with StarID button.


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