D2L Brightspace is the learning management system used by all colleges and universities in the Minnesota State system.

Articles (15)

D2L Brightspace: Apply quiz timing accommodations in a D2L Brightspace course

FACULTY: This article explains how to apply a quiz timing accommodation once for a student and have it apply to all quizzes in a course.

D2L Brightspace: Clear Announcements

FACULTY: When a D2L Brightspace course is copied into another course site and all previous announcements are brought into the site, there is a prescribed method for faculty to clear their previous announcements.

D2L Brightspace: Copy all materials between courses

FACULTY: Step by step instructions on how to copy course content from one D2L Brightspace course to another.

D2L Brightspace: Discussion Creation Layout

FACULTY: Discussions are no longer tabular in setup but have moved to a familiar accordion layout. This article speaks to the layout.

D2L Brightspace: Faculty Introduction to the Learning Environment

FACULTY: D2L Brightspace is a platform that can aid faculty supplement their in-class courses. It is also available to support the in-class courses when there is need to close school for an emergency.

D2L Brightspace: Login Information

ALL: Learn what Brightspace is and how to access the Login portal for Metro State D2L Brightspace.

D2L Brightspace: Manage Dates

FACULTY: Use Manage Dates to quickly and efficiently modify dates for any given course. (This is particularly handy to use after a course copy has been completed.)

D2L Brightspace: Publish announcements to more than one course at a time

FACULTY: The article explains how faculty can quickly publish an announcement from one course to other courses.

D2L Brightspace: Release Grades

FACULTY: D2L does not release the grades to students without faculty action. The Final Calculated or Final Adjusted grades are only visible to students inside D2L Brightspace when the faculty has released the grades. This article walks faculty through releasing final grades within the D2L Brightspace platform.

D2L Brightspace: Semester Startup Checklist

FACULTY: Preparations for semester starts can always be hectic. Center for Online Learning created a checklist for some of the common areas of concerns.

D2L Brightspace: Student Introduction to the Tools within the Learning Environment

STUDENTS: D2L Brightspace is a platform that can enhance and drive learning for students. It is also available to support classes should there be a need to close school for an emergency.

D2L Brightspace: Students' Assignment Tool

STUDENTS: Step by step instructions on how to submit files into assignments in D2L and review feedback

D2L Brightspace: Students' Quiz Tool

STUDENTS: This article will cover how to navigate to a quiz and explain the user interface a student would see when you take a quiz.

D2L Brightspace: Turnitin® Setup within Assignments

FACULTY: Create an Assignment submission folder in D2L Brightspace utilizing the Turnitin integration. This may help reduce plagiarism and increase academic writing skills of students. This article addresses the Turnitin integration setup necessary for faculty to use Turnitin in their D2L Brightspace course.

D2L Brightspace: Creating Assignments

FACULTY: Create an Assignment folder inside D2L Brightspace for student submission of assignments.