D2L Brightspace: How can faculty confirm a file attachment to an assignment folder



How can faculty confirm a file attachment to an assignment folder in D2L Brightspace?


After adding an attachment to an assignment folder, faculty often wonder if it was successful because it does not show in the main list of assignments. The attachment is only visible to the instructor in the editing view of the folder. Use the preview feature to view the Assignment tool from a student perspective and confirm whether your attachment is visible to students.

Note: if the folder is restricted by a future start date you will not be able to see the file attachment or instructions in preview mode even if you check the “Bypass Restrictions” box. To see what the student will see when the folder is open, clear the start date restriction first.

  1. In the Assignments tool, click the “More Actions” button.
  2. Select “Preview” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Confirm whether a file is listed under attachments for the assignment folder you want to check.

Note: as long as the assignment folder is open, the attachment is visible before the student clicks on the folder and is also visible after opening it. However, any instructions you have written are only visible if the student clicks into the assignment folder (or if the assignment was added to the Content area).

Get help:

If you believe you attached a file to the assignment folder in the editing interface and do not see it after making sure there is no start date and previewing the assignment as described above, please get help from the Academic Technology Services team, or email us at service.center@metrostate.edu, or call 651-793-1240.

More Resources:

You can also use the “View as a Student” feature to see the assignment folder from the student perspective.

Read more about role switching and previewing different tools in D2L (requires login with Office 365 credentials).

Did you know you can attach more than just a file to an assignment folder?

Learn more about how to create and manage assignment folders in D2L (requires login with Office 365 credentials).

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