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D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is the learning management system used by all colleges and universities in the Minnesota State system.

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D2L Brightspace: How can faculty confirm a file attachment to an assignment folder

FACULTY: This article is for faculty who want to know how to confirm a file attachment to an assignment folder in D2L Brightspace

Email Class List Using My.Metro (

Email your whole class list or individual students using tools under My.Metro (

Email through the D2L Brightspace Classlist

FACULTY: D2L Brightspace allows you to reach your entire class or individual students via email through the Classlist tool.

Flexible Teaching Classrooms

Provides information on how to use flexible teaching classroom technology.

How to Access Equity by Design Data for Faculty

Equity by Design data allow faculty to identify equity gaps in their classes. The data are most easily accessed through Metro State virtual labs which bring our on-campus labs (including all of our academic software) to our students, faculty, and staff on their personal computers and tablets - virtually.

HyFlex Teaching: Overview and technology resources for faculty

This article for faculty gives a general introduction to HyFlex teaching technology and offers practical suggestions for getting started and where to learn more or get help.

Link to your MediaSpace Video (including cloud-saved Zoom meetings) in D2L

ALL: Share your videos stored in Kaltura MediaSpace either link them or use the D2L Brightspace integration so that others may view them.

LinkedIn Learning Access

ALL: A LinkedIn Learning subscription is available for current Metropolitan State faculty, staff and students.

LinkedIn Learning: D2L Brightspace Integration

FACULTY: LinkedIn Learning provides great courses and specific videos that can work well to supplement learning in the classroom, as well as prepare our graduates to be successful in the job market with courses that can help with technical skills and soft skills. Metro State has an easy process whereby instructors can integrate LinkedIn Learning into their D2L Brightspace course.

Namecoach at Metrostate

Namecoach, located within D2L Brightspace, is a tool available to faculty and students to share the pronunciation of their name, as well as find pronunciation of others.

Online Learning: General Information

Learn more about what Online Learning means to students of Metro State University.

Online Learning: Success Guide

STUDENT: View a sampling of resources that can help propel students toward online learning success.

Remote Proctoring: Getting Started with Respondus Monitor in D2L Brightspace

This article for faculty introduces remote proctoring tool Respondus Monitor, explains how to get it set up, and how to review results.

Remote Proctoring: How to take an exam with Respondus Monitor

This article provides a link to step-by-step instructions for taking a remotely proctored exam using Respondus Monitor in D2L Brightspace.

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor Set Up after a Course Copy in D2L Brightspace

This article is for faculty. It explains what to do to set up Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor in a course in D2L Brightspace following a course copy.

Respondus LockDown Browser: How to enable LockDown Browser for a quiz in D2L Brightspace

This article is for faculty. It explains how to turn on Respondus LockDown Browser for quizzes in a course in D2L Brightspace.

Third Party Programs: Media Recording and Editing

ALL: Read about features of Media and Recording and Editing third party tools, like Audacity and Kaltura MediaSpace.

Turnitin: Plagiarism-Prevention Service

ALL: Read the description and features of Turnitin and access a tutorial.

VoiceThread: Completing a VoiceThread Assignment in D2L Brightspace

This article provides, via links to existing tutorials, information on how a student can complete a VoiceThread assignment in D2L Brightspace.

VoiceThread: Creating a VoiceThread Account

This article explains how to create a VoiceThread account for students and faculty. It also explains what to do if you have an existing, non-Metrostate account.

VoiceThread: Enabling Cookies and Local Storage for VoiceThread in D2L

When attempting to view or create a VoiceThread assignment in D2L, users sometimes encounter a blank screen. This is often due to third-party cookies or tracking being blocked. This article explains how faculty or students can enable third-party cookies for VoiceThread in a variety of browsers for desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices.

VoiceThread: Set up VoiceThread in D2L Brightspace

This article explains to faculty how to set up VoiceThread in a course in D2L Brightspace. It covers creating an account automatically with your D2L login, adding an assignment to your course, and provides links to additional resources.

VoiceThread: Setting up a VoiceThread after a Course Copy in D2L Brightspace

FACULTY: This article explains how to set up VoiceThread links following a course copy in D2L Brightspace.

VoiceThread: View or Edit Captions

This article is for faculty, staff, and students and explains how to view and manually edit captions in VoiceThread, or how faculty can use the captioning request service.

Zoom: Connecting to a Web Conference

There are many ways to connect to a Zoom meeting. Pick one that works for your technology and location.

Zoom: Hosting a Web Conference for Presenting or Teaching

View information on Zoom Rooms, starting and recording your meeting, sharing your screen, sharing documents through chat, breakout rooms and polling. .

Zoom: Scheduling Recurring Meetings

Zoom can easily be set up for recurring meetings. You can leverage Zoom to set up your classroom times or recurring meetings.