Remote Proctoring: Getting Started with Respondus Monitor in D2L Brightspace

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  • How do I get started with remote proctoring tool Respondus Monitor in D2L Brightspace?


Respondus Monitor is a remote proctoring tool that conveniently integrates with D2L. It uses the student’s webcam and microphone to record testing sessions for later review. No one watches live while a student takes a test. It also monitors and flags events that an instructor might want to review, such as a student not being detected or the webcam being unplugged. This software contributes to academic integrity in two important ways: by providing a way to verify student identity and by providing a deterrent to cheating. Learn more about it from this brief video:

Respondus Monitor introduction (video)

How do I turn on Respondus Monitor for my class?

Respondus Monitor is installed as an addition to Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB). LDB is available for any course at the instructor’s request and is useful for administering exams in a classroom with a proctor present. Before using Monitor, however, and other remote proctoring tools, additional steps must be taken before using in a class. Metro State generally adheres to these Minnstate remote proctoring operating instructions but the required prerequisites are:

  1. Before October 1st for spring classes and before March 1st for summer and fall classes, faculty should inform their chair and academic program coordinator remote proctoring will be used. This should be done before the course schedules are published to the web, before students register. The academic program coordinator enters the special message code '8989' into ISRS to effect this. The result is that the course schedule on the web includes the phrase "Remote Proctored Requirement" when students choose the class. If the decision to use remote proctoring occurs after some students have registered, notify the students of the change via email and in the course syllabus.
  2. Before the last day to drop the course with a refund, ensure the syllabus contains notice that remote proctoring will be required, on what exams, when those exams will be given, and what alternative has been identified for students who opt out. Consider also posting this information in an announcement.
  3. Before the last day to drop the course with a refund, provide students a practice exam that uses Respondus Monitor. This gives them a chance to download the software, test their equipment and troubleshoot issues or find alternatives well before exam day. Encourage compliance with a small points incentive or by sending reminders, such as with an intelligent agent.
  4. If your course remote proctoring requirement was in the class schedule before semester start, a "LockDown Browser" tab will be available in your D2L quiz tool. If you do not have that tab, check to see if you course is listed correctly. After the academic program coordinator has added the code, contact Academic Technology Services who will enable LDB for your course.
  5. Set up your quizzes. Monitor is a works with your existing quizzes. Each can be configured independently. Set up is relatively simple and Academic Technology Services staff will gladly assist. Learn more from this concise guide:

Respondus Monitor Quick Start Guide

How do I review Respondus Monitor results?

Recorded test sessions can be reviewed right in D2L through the same LockDown browser tab in the quiz section of D2L. Learn more about reviewing results from this introductory guide:

Understanding Proctoring Results

Are there alternatives to remote proctoring?

If remote proctoring is not the right fit for a given class, consider alternatives such as those listed here:

Instructor live remote proctoring using Zoom and Respondus LockDown Browser

Alternatives to Traditional Testing

Where can I get more help?

Respondus includes several resources directly within D2L Brightspace after it is enabled for a course. These resources, including videos and suggested syllabus language, are also available here:

Respondus Monitor Resources

Contact Academic Technology Services with questions about Respondus LockDown Browser, Monitor, or alternative methods of assessment:


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