Respondus LockDown Browser: How to enable LockDown Browser for a quiz in D2L Brightspace

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  • Can I use Respondus LockDown Browser for my quizzes in D2L Brightspace?


Yes. While Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) is not turned on automatically, it is available. It is intended for use in a setting with a live proctor. If remote proctoring is required, LDB should be used with Monitor (learn how to get started with Respondus Monitor).

Steps to enable LockDown Browser:

  1. Contact the us through the Service Portal and request LDB be enabled for your new course.
  2. Go to Assessments > Quizzes. Note the new LockDown Browser tab in your Quizzes tool:

  1. Consult this Quick Start guide to set up an existing quiz quickly:

Instructor Quick Start Guide for LDB Set Up

  1. Respondus also provides an excellent guide to the tool right inside D2L (including a link to the quick start guide). This shows up every time you click on the LockDown Browser tab until you check the “Don’t show this page again” box. To continue to quiz set up, click “Continue to LockDown Browser”:

  1. Apply any advanced settings (such as letting students use a built-in calculator or an iPad).
  2. Save any changes.
  3. Students on their own devices will take their quizzes the same way they always do. When they start a quiz, they will be able to download the LDB software if they have not before. For students taking quizzes in Metro State labs and classrooms, the software is already installed.


  • LockDown Browser does not work with Chromebooks, phones, or most tablets. Students have to use a computer or an iPad.
  • The LDB Dashboard can be very slow to load. It can also take a long time for settings to be saved while one looks at the “Please wait…” message. Eventually, this view may refresh to a simple white screen without a confirmation message. Despite this, when one goes back in to the dashboard, settings will have been saved.


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