Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor Set Up after a Course Copy in D2L Brightspace

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How can I set up Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor for quizzes following a course copy in D2L Brightspace?



Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) and Monitor will not be copied automatically during a course copy in D2L Brightspace. Following a course copy, take the following steps to enable LDB and set up quizzes for LDB or Monitor in the destination course:

  1. Ensure that your course has the Remote Proctoring Requirement listing in the class schedule. Department chairs should request their academic scheduler apply message code 8989. Academic Technology Services may not turn on remote proctoring for a course until this has been done. This is true even if you used remote proctoring in the past.
  2. Contact us through the Service Portal and request that LDB be enabled for your new course (destination shell).
  3. After the course content is copied, visit the LockDown Browser dashboard to activate any copied quizzes. If you do not take this step, students will get an error trying to launch any quizzes that have LDB enabled.

shows that the tab to open the LockDown Browser is in the same navigation bar as Manage quizzes, question library, and Statistics

  1. Follow the steps in the following document under Preparing a Quiz to confirm desired quiz settings:

Instructor Quick Start Guide for LDB and Monitor Set Up

  1. Be sure to check and apply any advanced settings such as turning on Monitor or allowing students to use an iPad as these settings will most likely NOT have been copied.
  2. Save any changes.


  • The LDB Dashboard can be very slow to load. It can also take a long time for settings to be saved during the “Please wait…” message. Eventually, this view may refresh to a simple white screen without a confirmation message. Despite this, when one goes back in to the dashboard, settings will have been saved.
  • Sometimes after a course copy, in the LDB or Monitor columns you might see the words “Error” and a “Fix it” button. Clicking “Fix it” will likely restore basic functionality but not advanced settings. It is important to confirm all settings.

images shows the single word Error and adjacent Fix it button that sometime appear in the LockDown Browser column after entering the lockdown browser dashboard



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