VoiceThread: Setting up a VoiceThread after a Course Copy in D2L Brightspace

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  • How can instructors copy VoiceThread links and assignments from one D2L Brightspace course into another?


VoiceThread links created in Spring 2023 courses or later will be copied automatically even if copied from a different instructor.

Note: VoiceThread links created prior to spring 2023, must be replaced

VoiceThreads created prior to spring 2023 were created using a legacy method and will not work if copied into spring 2023 courses or later. Old links created by selecting Existing Activities then External Learning Tools then typing in https://metrostate.voicethread.com/ltione/ will result in an error if copied into spring 2023 or later. If you select a VoiceThread link in your course and see the error message “Unsupported Signature Method. Please contact VoiceThread support,” as in the screenshot below, delete the link and replace it using the current method. It is not necessary to contact VoiceThread support, though instructors are welcome to contact Metro State support at service.center@metrostate.edu with questions.

VoiceThread error message

Checking VoiceThreads after a course copy

VoiceThread links should work automatically after being copied as part of a course copy. This is true even if the two courses have different instructors. A new instance of a VoiceThread is created without student comments or slides but that does include instructor comments. For all VoiceThread links in the destination course, the instructor should check to make sure they were copied correctly and that any assignment details and settings are still correct. Listed below are the different kinds of VoiceThread links and special consideration that may apply to each:

  • VoiceThread Home – just check to see if it works
  • Individual VoiceThread – rename if desired, check for copied instructor comments that might have been course specific or a response to students
  • Course View – this link opens a collection available only to that class with all VoiceThreads shared with the class by students or the instructor
  •  VoiceThread assignments – 3 possibilities:
    • Leave a comment or add a slide – rename if desired, check for copied instructor comments that might have been course specific or a response to students
    • Submit a VoiceThread – no action should be needed as this requires students to submit a VoiceThread they have created, and no submissions are copied from the previous semester
    • Watch a VoiceThread – rename if desired, check for copied instructor comments that might have been course specific or a response to students
  • Note that for assignments, if you want to edit the actual VoiceThread or the assignment settings, you must edit the assignment in D2L. Trying to edit such a VoiceThread as a VoiceThread, e.g. from your VoiceThread home, will result in an error message that the VoiceThread is not found. Don’t select the three, stacked, horizontal lines in this case. To edit the assignment, select the 3 "more" dots in the upper right area of the top title bar of the assignment itself that only appears in D2L, as in this picture:

select more dots within assignment to edit VoiceThread assignments

Where to get help:

Academic Technology Services staff are available to help with any step of this process, email or call 651-793-1240.

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