VoiceThread: Set up VoiceThread in D2L Brightspace

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  • How do I set up VoiceThread in my D2L Brightspace course?


Activate your Account

Metropolitan State University’s VoiceThread license provides an account for all students, faculty, and staff. This account is integrated with our instance of D2L Brightspace, which means you don’t need to create a VoiceThread account before adding it to your course. Adding a special VoiceThread link (see instructions below) will create your VoiceThread account. Your students won’t need to create an account first, either. Merely clicking on your VoiceThread assignment creates their accounts. If you or they have an existing account, VoiceThread will ask to link the existing account to the institutional one. To avoid this, change the email for the personal account before clicking on a VoiceThread link in D2L.

Add VoiceThread to a Course

VoiceThread has provided detailed instructions for setting up a link in your D2L course, including a video and screenshots:


A concise summary of the steps (and our special URL) follows:

  • Go to the content area in a course.
  • Click "Add Existing Activities", and then select "External Learning Tools" from that menu.
  • Click "Create New LTI Link" at the bottom.
  • Give the link a title, and enter this URL into the “Url” field:


  • Create and insert.
  • Click on the newly created topic to add a VoiceThread, create a VoiceThread assignment, add a link to view all the VoiceThreads in course, or add a link for users to go to their own personal VoiceThread home (for more detailed instructions follow the first link above).
  • If you click on the newly created topic and see only a black screen, follow these instructions to troubleshoot:

VoiceThread: Enabling Cookies and Local Storage for VoiceThread in D2L  

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