VoiceThread: Enabling Cookies and Local Storage for VoiceThread in D2L

Article Type: Known Error/Issue


Please note: Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer do not support all features of VoiceThread. D2L does not support Edge or Internet Explorer either. We recommend Chrome for D2L Brightspace.

  • VoiceThread, like many external tools integrated with D2L, relies on session cookies to work. If third-party tracking or cookies are blocked, users attempting to view a VoiceThread assignment in D2L may encounter a blank, black screen. Or their assignment might not load, leaving them stuck on a message about being redirected, as in the following examples:

    image of D2L content topic showing black area with no information where VoiceThread assignment set up options should have appeared

    Example 1 Black screen error

    image of VoiceThread content topic in D2L showing the message You will be directed to the application momentarily over a white area where the topic has failed to load.

    Example 2 Blank screen error


  • Enable third-party cookies. How to do this varies by browser and platform. If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, you can allow third-party cookies just for specific websites, such as our instance of VoiceThread. On mobile devices, such as an iPhone, you may have to allow all third-party tracking in order to use VoiceThread in D2L. If third party tracking is undesirable, one can enable it to set up assignments and then disable it when done.


  • VoiceThread documentation on cookies (includes explanation of how data is used as well as text-based instructions for enabling tracking on various platforms):


  • Enable cookies in Chrome on PC, Android, and iPhone/iPad:


VoiceThread should work automatically in D2L on iPhones and iPads if you use Chrome because cookies are automatically turned on and stay on. If you don’t want your device to save cookies, your only option is to clear data.

  • Clear and manage cookies in Chrome on PC, Android, and iPhone/iPad:


If you want to disable third-party cookies but enable them for VoiceThread. scroll down to “change your cookie settings,” then “Allow or block cookies for a specific site.” Then use this url: https://metrostate.voicethread.com/

  • Firefox:


To add an exception just for VoiceThread, follow the link above, then find the “Exceptions” button and add this url: https://metrostate.voicethread.com/

  • Safari on Mac:


  • Safari for iPhone & iPad:


Please note: To enable cookies for the VoiceThread integration turn on ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’. The text from the instructions linked above will help you clear such data if you wish and disable it again after setting up your VoiceThread assignments.



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