D2L Brightspace: Copy all materials between courses

Article Type: How To


  • How can I quickly copy all of the course materials from one of my courses into another one of my courses? 

Steps by Step Instructions:

  1. Go to the course you want to copy from, and select Course Admin in the navbar. 
  2. Select the Course Offering Information link. 
  3. Under the Course Offering Code, copy (highlight the number and on PC press Ctrl + C; on a Mac Command + C) the numbers of the code, such as 20221000120. 
  4. Go to your current course you want to copy course materials into (the destination course) and select Course Admin in the navbar. 
  5. Select the Import/Export/Copy Components link. 
  6. Choose the Copy Components option and select the Search for Offering button. 
  7. In the pop-up window, paste (on the PC, Ctrl + V; on Mac, Command + V) the course offering path in the Search For field, then select the Search icon.
  8. When the course appears, activate the radio button next to the course and select Add Selected. Note: The pop-up window will close. 
  9. Select the Copy All Components button. 
  10. After the copy has finished processing, the course materials will be available in your current course.


  • Watch D2L's self-help video


Faculty have the ability to copy their materials from one course within D2L Brightspace to another. The easiest means of doing this is using the Import / Export / Copy Components tool within D2L.

Academic Technology Services can also assist with Course Copy Request Service.