VoiceThread: How can I edit captions in VoiceThread?

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How can I manually edit captions in VoiceThread?


VoiceThread audio and video comments made within D2L using our site license will be captioned automatically shortly after creation, typically in about 3 minutes. Captions can be manually edited using the following steps:

  1. Click on the comment’s “CC” button.

  1. Click on the “Edit captions” button. If you see instead an “Upload Captions”, wait a few minutes for the automatic captions to be created and try again.

  1. Use the Caption Editor to play back your audio, edit the caption text, and then save them. Finally, click the “X” to close the pop up window, then “OK” to close the “Request Captions” dialog window.

After captions are edited, be sure to turn them on for your VoiceThread.
Note: While this method allows faculty to edit their captions, in some circumstances, such as if they have an accommodation request, they can use the Captioning Request service.



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