Captioning and Transcription Request


  • Metropolitan State University utilizes third-party vendors to accomplish closed captions and transcription services.

  • Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning requires video to be captioned and have an available transcript.

  • If you already have a transcript, Academic Technology Services (ATS) can take the transcript and produce closed captions for the video.

  • If you are utilizing a YouTube video with bad captions, send ATS the URL (web address) of the video and we can utilize a service that will return captions and interactive transcript specifically designed for YouTube.

  • Staff, Resident and community faculty are eligible to request this service.


  • Universal Design for Learning says that having closed captions and a transcript is better for all students. Closed Captions and Transcripts are not just about accessibility, it is about best practice. It is about meeting our students where they live and providing them the best opportunities to learn.

  • There is no cost to your department. 

Additional Information

  • MediaSpace has mechanical captioning available. Keep in mind, mechanical captioning is ~90-70% accurate which does not meet academic or accommodation standards. 
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