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Create a blank course site in D2L Brightspace for development, training or organizations.

Allows content to be copied from one semester to another or from one course-shell to another.

Convert Word document content to HTML file type, built in an accessible manner.

Includes ability to report an Non Emergency Repair Request because something is broken that does not require immediate attention.

NOTE: Do not use this site to submit emergency requests, please dial (651) 793-1700

Request to update your parking registration with new vehicle and/or license plate information or other.

Request a change to information on Metropolitan State University's public website.

Request Qualtrics access for employees, students and student workers.

Request IT research and evaluation of technology solutions, including assistance with review of new or renewal contracts, legal and information security reviews, and procurement submission assistance.

Conference phones enable clear audio conferencing in larger rooms and unique spaces that require customized voice solutions.

Request Academic Technology Services (ATS) staff to upload quiz questions with Respondus, then post within a D2L Brightspace class.