D2L Brightspace Blank Course Request


  • Faculty can request a blank course-shell for course development. 

  • Center for Online Learning can create one development shell for each course taught. (e.g. If you teach MGMT 310 and MGMT 499, we can create one site for 310 and one for 499.)

  • Blank sites can be set up for units or departments, or staff/faculty just looking to learn about D2L.


  • Allows faculty to work on the upcoming semester before the semester is available in D2L.

  • Allows faculty to have a permanent copy of their content. (D2L courses in a semester are purged every 2 years.)

  • Allows staff to put together a collaborative space for a unit or department.

Request Service


Wed 10/18/17 4:36 PM
Wed 4/17/19 7:37 AM