Includes D2L support, Media support, and Instructional Technology.

Services (13)

Course Design Consultation Request

We can work with you to support the use of educational technology and sound pedagogical principles to design in person, online and hybrid courses.

D2L Brightspace Announcement Request

Request an announcement for placement on the Metropolitan State University D2L main home page.

D2L Brightspace Blank Course Request

Create a blank course site in D2L Brightspace for development, training or organizations.

D2L Brightspace Course Copy Request

Allows content to be copied from one semester to another or from one course-shell to another.

D2L Brightspace Course Image Banner Change Request

Request to change the banner image on your D2L course homepage.

D2L Brightspace Enrollment Request

Site owners, such as course instructors, can use this service to have someone added to or removed from their site in D2L, or to have someone’s enrollment changed. This is separate from registration and does not affect ISRS status in a course.

D2L Brightspace Quiz Setup Request

Request Academic Technology Services (ATS) staff to upload quiz questions with Respondus, then post within a D2L Brightspace class.

Media Training Request

Request to schedule a training on how to record, edit, and publish media.

Room Technology Demonstration or Training Request

Request an in-person demonstration or training on the technology in any of our rooms.

Studio Recording Session Request

Request to schedule a video or podcasting session in our Dayton’s Bluff recording studio.

Turnitin® Account Request

This service is only available to faculty. Ability to request an account to use the Turnitin® internet-based plagiarism-prevention service tool.

Content Conversion to HTML Request

Convert Word document content to HTML file type, built in an accessible manner.

Request Information

Get answers and information on your technology related question.