International Calling and Long Distance Call Forwarding


International Calling

  • Request International capability based on business need.
  • This service is enabled per line appearance and/or person.
  • Resident Faculty and staff are eligible to request this service with supervisor approval.

Long Distance Call Forwarding

  • Request call forwarding to a long distance number if your mobile phone number does not have a local prefix of: 651, 612, 763 or 952.
  • Once your long distance call forwarding request is fulfilled you will be ready to set up call forwarding using instructions: Cisco IP Phone: Forwarding Calls to Another Number.
  • Employees with a desk phone are eligible to request this service.


  • International long distance can be very costly per minute and is also a form of toll fraud, enabling the service on a per need basis helps minimize risk while reducing cost.

  • Long distance dialing is provided without the need for long distance codes.

  • Long distance call forwarding to phone numbers which do not have a local prefix (651, 612, 763 or 952) can be provided capability by request.


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