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Services or Offerings?
Request consultation for designing accessible documents.

If after reviewing the Accounts Payable Knowledge Based Article and you still have questions or concerns use this service to Request Help.

Ability for Department Deans to submit request to change building hours.

Ability to report a non-emergency repair request for Building Services or ask a question to Campus Operation, no Metrostate login (starid and password) required.

Request ID card access to spaces that use an electronic door locks, access to parking ramp and other student-related services.

Request approval to install pictures or shelves in a staff office.

Request membership changes to static, custom distribution groups.

Submit a request for a space on campus to be cleaned.

Departments that would like to purchase technology equipment are responsible for contacting IET Services for assistance.

Conference phones enable clear audio conferencing in larger rooms and unique spaces that require customized voice solutions.

We can work with you to support the use of educational technology and sound pedagogical principles to design in person, online and hybrid courses.

Request creation of an Email distribution group.

Request an announcement for placement on the Metropolitan State University D2L main home page.

Create a blank course site in D2L Brightspace for development, training or organizations.