Building Services Repair/Service Request No Login Required


  • Safety Officers, Public Library staff, Bookstore staff, vendors, community visitors and other contractors that do not have a personal Metrostate Starid and password assigned to them are welcomed to submit a request for any of the below reasons.

Examples Include but are not limited to:

  • Ability to report a Non-Emergency repair request to Building Services but do not have a Metrostate StarID and password, no problem!

  • Need a specific Building Services General work request or general question related to Campus Operations but do not have a Metrostate StarID and password, no problem!


  • For Emergencies please call (651) 793-1700

  • To report a Technology incident you can email or call 651-793-1240 and they will fill out a request on your behalf.

Request Service


Service ID: 26851
Thu 3/22/18 10:14 AM
Tue 5/16/23 12:05 PM