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Ability to request an account to use the Turnitin® internet-based plagiarism-prevention service tool.

Includes ability to report an Non Emergency Repair Request because something is broken that does not require immediate attention.

NOTE: Do not use this site to submit emergency requests, please dial (651) 793-1700

Submit a ticket to get something technology related fixed that is not working right.

Request an announcement for placement on the Metropolitan State University D2L main home page.

Students who are currently attending Metropolitan State University and are taking at least 6 credits can apply for a position with ITS here.

Learn more about your StarID unique username or activate/reset your StarID password.

Request to change the banner image on your D2L course homepage.

Approved branded promotional items are available for purchase through a third party vendor.

Requests images from the Metropolitan State University photography archives.

We can work with you to support the use of educational technology and sound pedagogical principles to design in person, online and hybrid courses.

Use this request to start exchanging information about your marketing needs.

Request International Calling capability based on business need.
Request long distance call forwarding to numbers which do not have a prefix of 651, 612, 763 or 952.