Computer or Hardware Purchase Request


  • Departments may have an additional need for technology equipment.

  • The cost of this equipment is to be charged to their respective cost center, however, prior to purchase, the department is responsible for contacting Institutional Effectiveness and Technology (IET) Services to obtain quotes, vendor information, and ensure the equipment will best serve the intended purpose.

  • Computer or Hardware may include: desktop or laptop computer, tablet, monitor, printer, scanner or fax machine.

  • IET Services will work with the department to understand specifications and intended use for equipment purchase.

  • Departments are responsible for the cost of equipment.

  • Faculty and staff with departmental approval are eligible to request this service.


  • Ensures technology meets intended business need

  • Includes proper warranty, insurance and/or maintenance package

  • Receive best pricing comparison of IT Services and State contracted vendors

  • Effective equipment configuration and setup

  • Complies with procurement, process and management of University assets.


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