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Services or Offerings?
Request membership changes to static, custom distribution groups.

Departments that would like to purchase technology equipment are responsible for contacting IET Services for assistance.

Conference phones enable clear audio conferencing in larger rooms and unique spaces that require customized voice solutions.

We can work with you to support the use of educational technology and sound pedagogical principles to design in person, online and hybrid courses.

Request creation of an Email distribution group.

Request Academic Technology Services (ATS) staff to upload quiz questions with Respondus, then post within a D2L Brightspace class.

Departments are eligible to request cellular devices for work purposes.

Request data on the number of student registrations, total credit or full time equivalents.

Equipment is available for pick up at the Service Center in New Main L105, Saint Paul Campus.

Request a jack be activated in order to connect your computer to the internet via Ethernet cable.

Request IET Services to move and setup computers, printers, peripherals, phone, and other technology equipment to another location.

Request information on a specific program major and minor.

Request a new shared drive folder, access to an existing shared drive folder, or removal of access to an existing shared drive folder.

Request data on age, ethnicity, full or part time students, and more.

IET Services will retrieve asset and university owned equipment upon request.