D2L Brightspace Quiz Setup Request

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  • Academic Technology Services (ATS) can create a variety of assessments, including exams, surveys or homework assignments.

  • With the use of Respondus Quiz Generator, hundreds of questions can be uploaded for easy import into D2L Brightspace.

  • Choose from a variety of question formats: multiple-choice, true/false, arithmetic, fill-in-the-blank, multi-select, matching, ordering and short or long answer

  • Questions should be submitted in the standard format.

  • Quiz Setup Requests are available to resident and community faculty.


  • Saves time in quiz creation

  • Academic Technology Services will place the quiz in the specified course on your behalf.

  • Create an effective quiz without having to be familiar with the latest updates to D2L Brightspace.

  • Ensure that students requiring special access or accommodations are accounted for.


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Tue 11/7/17 10:50 AM
Tue 11/23/21 2:46 PM