Software Install Request: Academic Lab and Classroom


  • Employees are eligible to request software installation for labs and instructor stations in classrooms.

  • Institutional Effectiveness and Technology maintains and updates the required academic software for computer labs, classrooms, instructor stations, the Virtual Lab, and student laptop loaners.

  • Proof of license and review of contract needs to be accounted for by the requester, for all software installed.

  • Annual academic software install request submission deadlines are:

    • Summer and Fall terms - Due March 15th

    • Spring term - Due October 15th

  • Requests are required for:

    • Any existing software packages or versions from the current academic software list

    • Software needed to complete course work

    • Non-standard installation configurations

    • Add-ons and Plug-ins

    • Textbook CD software (accompanied with explicit written permission from publisher)

  • For new academic software purchase please use and submit New Software Purchase nine months prior to the respective annual academic software install submission deadline; early submission helps to ensure State of MN System Office processing (for vendor contract negotiations, legal review, and data security review) is completed.  


  • Complies with licensing and contractual agreements

  • Ensures proper software configuration 

  • Meets hardware and software compatibility requirements


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