Includes software install for academic labs/classrooms, install on computer assets, new software or renewal purchases, and new technology solution consultation.

Services (4)

Software Install Request: Academic Lab and Classroom

Request computer lab and classroom software installation for academic use. Please Note: Annual academic software request submission deadlines: Summer and Fall terms - Due March 15th; Spring term - Due October 15th.

Software Install Request: University Owned Software

Request installation of university owned software to be used on state-owned computer assets not including software applications needed in classroom labs including teaching stations.

New Software Purchase or Renewal Request

Request new software applications to be purchased or upgrades to existing applications. All new software purchases or renewals of existing software, university wide, require contracts and must be approved and processed by IET.

Slate CRM Request

Request Slate CRM assistance for: account/profile creation, locked and password resets, communication campaign forms and configurations, and training.