New Software Purchase or Renewal Request


  • Employees are eligible to request this service.

  • Use this request when purchasing new software or requesting upgrades and enhancements to existing software for productivity or academic use (labs, classrooms, instructor stations, Virtual Lab, and student laptop loaners).

  • Program specific academic software will be funded by departments and requires a budget transfer to IET.

  • Contract review includes vendor contract negotiations, legal review, and a data security review and the review process may take several weeks.  Please submit IET contract review requests with ample time for the review process to take place.  

  • If requesting the purchse of new academic lab software ,please be mindful of the annual academic software install submission deadline so the contract, purchasing and Installation processes can be completed prior to the semester start.
  • If you are unsure what software is needed or would like additional consultation services from IET to assist you, please use  the New Technology Solution Consultation Request form.


  • IET provides assistance for new software purchasing and renewals.
  • Purchasing through IET will ensure your software will be supported.
  • IET facilitates the complex contract review process.
  • IET monitors payments, renewals and contract end dates for the life of the contract.


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