Software Install Request: University Owned Software


  • Employees are eligible to request this service.

  • Software used on State owned devices must be reviewed and approved for installation and use by Institutional Effectiveness and Technology (IET).

  • IET maintains the licensing and management of media, and is responsible for the delivery of physical or cloud software.

  • IET will coordinate installation and/or configuration of approved software requests. 

  • For new software purchase or software renewal purchases, please submit requests using: New Software Purchase or Renewal Request

  • Faculty and staff are eligible to request this service.

  • All University owned software applications are available to be used without installation by navigating to Metro State Virtual Lab and logging in with your StarID username and password.

NOTE:  University owned software, software purchased by Metro State, can only be installed on computers owned by or controlled by Metro State


  • Ensures compatibility between software, hardware and the campus environment

  • Complies with licensing agreements

  • Centralized management of media


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