D2L Brightspace Course Image Banner Change Request


  • A D2L Brightspace course banner image provides a consistent and personalized look across course homepage, My Courses widget, and the Brightspace Pulse app.
  • Faculty can use this service to request change of a banner image on their course homepage in D2L.

  • Faculty enrolled as an instructor of a course can request this service for that course.

  • Faculty may simply describe or provide key words for a desired image selection. Academic Technology Services staff will select a matching picture from D2L’s large library of stock images. Faculty can also submit a standard image file, such as a jpg or png. If submitting a file, its display size should be 2400 x 960 pixels. The size of the banner itself is 1170 x 200 pixels and D2L will crop the image to fit the banner; however, D2L recommends the larger size to allow for the best presentation in the various places the image is used. To make your banner match the submitted image exactly, submit it as a 1170 x 200 pixel image but be sure to avoid text as the display will not adapt well to the My Courses widget.

  • Academic technology services staff will not edit, crop, or resize submitted images. If the requester cannot submit a file with the specified dimensions, it can still be added to D2L but the results may not be aesthetically pleasing. In that case, it would be better to request an image selection based on keyword or description.


  • Allows faculty to personalize their D2L Brightspace course homepage. This can be especially helpful in avoiding confusion between different sections of the same course.

  • Provides faculty the opportunity to choose an image they prefer rather than the D2L Brightspace randomly assigned course banner image (assigned to new course shells).

  • For existing shells, it sometimes occurs that following a course copy, the image from the original course is copied as well. To help avoid editing or posting material to the wrong course, faculty may wish to change the image.
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