Shared Drive Access Request


NOTE: This request requires supervisor approval, once requested your supervisor will automatically receive a notification to approve.

  • The S: drive is part of the central windows file store, it is a network folder often referred to as the shared drive

  • Folder permissions control the level of access a user has to the contents of a top level folder and its sub folders.

  • Permission is granted to top level folders only and is inherited by sub folders.

  • Permission cannot be granted directly to sub folders; If you need to give exclusive access to a current sub folder you will need to first request that the sub folder be converted to a top level folder.

  • Upon supervisor approval IT will complete the work and update the ticket. 

Request Options

  1. Create a new shared drive root folder

  2. Access to an existing shared drive folder 

  3. Revoke access to a shared drive folder


  • Enables groups of users to access and share work files 

  • Allows for less desktop clutter on your computer


  • Read instructions to view the shared drive on your computer.


Request Service


Service ID: 23540
Wed 10/11/17 4:21 PM
Fri 3/25/22 10:48 AM