Office Technology Move Request


  • Request Institutional Effectiveness and Technology (IET) Services to move office technology from one Metro State University location to another.

  • Equipment can be moved from one office to another, and from one campus to another.

  • There can be many touch points with an office technology equipment move; the requester is responsible for submitting service requests for Building Services or Human Resources as needed, relating to the move.

  • Resident faculty and staff are eligible to request this service.

  • NOTE: The two weeks prior to the start of a semester and the 2 weeks following, IET is focused on preparing for the arrival of the students first weeks of class. Please expect delays completing your move request. Thank you.


  • Ensures a smooth and cost effective transition

  • Provides necessary coordination between departments

  • Equipment is properly reconfigured

Steps to Complete For an Office Move

1. Visit the Building Services service portal to learn how to submit a work order for relocation of non-technological equipment, such as desks, chairs and storage.

2. Contact Human Resources to update your information in the University Directory.

Request Service


Service ID: 24406
Mon 11/13/17 7:06 PM
Wed 3/8/23 9:44 AM