D2L Brightspace Announcement Request


  • Metro State University employees may submit announcements to be placed on the university‚Äôs D2L Brightspace home page, reaching anyone who logs in to D2L. This announcement space is reserved first for D2L service information and university emergencies. Other announcements will be posted if space is available. Student groups with an employee sponsor may also submit requests.
  • Announcements submitted using this service should be university-wide in scope, though they can be restricted to just students or just employees.

  • Submit requests at least 3 business days prior to an advertised event date. Do not use this service for help posting an announcement to an individual course page. Instead, ask a general question or get D2L help here.

  • Announcements should be brief and include complete information about events, including locations, start and end dates, how to request accommodations, and contact information. Announcements will be removed from D2L at or just after event end dates or typically in 2 weeks for open-ended postings. Announcements may be edited for brevity.

  • Submissions should be plain text or formatted to be accessible. Do not submit flyers. Images can be added to announcements, but they should not contain the text of the announcement. Requesters must provide alt text for any images submitted. 


  • Allows announcements to be targeted to students and faculty currently taking or teaching D2L courses.

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