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  • Turnitin® is an internet-based plagiarism-prevention service. Instructors and students can submit papers to the website, which is checked against billions of webpages, works previously submitted to Turnitin, and a repository of journals, and other publications. This tool helps instructors engage students in the writing process by providing feedback that can both assess and help improve students' work. 
  • No download, registration, or login is needed if used with the integration inside D2L Brightspace Assignment folders.
  • Faculty can request an account that is specific to Turnitin® OR use the integration inside D2L Brightspace without needing to request an account.
  • Faculty may contact the Academic Technology Support (ATS) to create an account at Turnitin.com that will allow them to manually upload and check a single assignment/paper outside of the D2L Brightspace environment. Note that an instructor will need to request a machine-readable copy of the assignment from their student to do so; a paper that is simply scanned will not be readable by Turnitin®.

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