Zoom: View Closed Captions and Captioning Resources

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  • View closed captioning using Zoom (Windows and Mac)
  • View closed captions using phone or tablet (Android, iOS)
  • Options for Creating Closed Captaining
  • Using Zoom Closed Captioning

View closed captions using Zoom (Windows and Mac)

Quick view Instructions are listed below. For instructions with graphics click here.

When closed captions are in use the, “Closed Caption is available” notification is displayed:

  • For Meetings – the notification appears in the controls at the top of your screen.
  • For Webinars – the notification appears at the bottom of your screen
  • After selecting Closed Caption, the closed captioning text will be displayed at the bottom of your screen.

Adjusting the caption size

  • Click on the arrow next to stop/start video and choose Video Settings
  • Click on Accessibility and move the slider to adjust the caption size.

View closed captions from your phone or tablet (iOS and Android devices)

  • Step 1) Install Zoom application on your phone or tablet.
  • Step 2) From your device search for the Zoom Cloud Meeting from the Apple App Store or Google Play and install the application on your device. There are several Zoom related applications. You will want to ensure you select the Zoom Cloud Meeting app.
  • Once you have installed Zoom client on your Android or iOS device you can set closed captioning to automatically appear when closed captioning is available.
  • Step 3) Log in to your Zoom account in the Zoom app using Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Step 4) Select Settings icon
  • Step 5) Toggle Closed Captioning to on.

Options for Creating Closed Captaining

The quickest and easiest options for your closed captioning needs:

Using Zoom Closed Captaining

Zoom closed captioning allows you or another meeting attendee, assigned by the host, to add closed captioning to a meeting. In a webinar, closed captioning can be typed by the host, cohost, or a panelist assigned by the host.

From the Zoom closed captioning site you can select specific topics to view step by step instructions.

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