Articles and user guides about Cisco IP phones, video & web conferencing tools and more.

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Pinned Article Zoom Web Conferencing

Learn about the Minnesota State provided web meeting software, Zoom.

Cellular Phone Metropolitan State Assigned

Metro State cell phone issues/escalation/steps to take

Cisco IP Phone: Forwarding Calls to Another Number

How to forward your calls from your desk phone to another extension or mobile phone.

Cisco Jabber and E911 RLM Instructions

View instructions on how to access, set up and use Cisco Jabber and E911. Cisco Jabber requires a business need and approval is made by pandemic team.

Conference Bridge Setup - Conference Now

View step by step instructions on how to set up a Conference Bridge meeting.

Departmental (Hunt Group) Voice Mail Set Up: Initial

Set up your department's voicemail greeting

Individual and Departmental Metro State Voicemail Scripts: Examples

Examples for different options when setting up or changing your Departmental or employee voicemail greeting.

Install Zoom Client

To experience the full Zoom meeting features, install Zoom desktop client and Zoom mobile app using these instructions.

MS Teams: Create a Team

How to create Teams collaboration sites for faculty and staff

MS Teams: Training Resources

View information on Microsoft Teams and available training resources.

Ordering Headphones for Cisco Desk Phones

A summary of headphones that have been tested by ITS that will function correctly with the Cisco Desk Phones

Returning Recent External Calls

How to view recent external caller contact information on your Cisco IP Phone.

Voicemail Navigation: Menus and Options

Voicemail initial setup, basic navigation, menus and options.

Zoom Account Single Sign-On (SSO)

Activate your Minnesota State Zoom account and Single Sign-On (SSO)

Zoom Capable Rooms

Article for instructors to know to what degree classrooms support Zoom

Zoom: View Closed Captions and Captioning Resources

See how to information on viewing and using closed captions and other Zoom related closed captioning resources.

Checking Your Voicemail

Learn about the different ways to check your voicemail from your Cisco IP phone, off-campus, or using the Web interface.

Cisco IP Phone: Phone Features and Reference Guides

View available phone features and descriptions including Cisco IP phone user and reference guides.

Cisco IP Phone: Changing Your Voicemail PIN

Steps by step instructions to change a forgotten Voicemail PIN.

Cisco IP Phone: Finding the Host Name

Step by Step instructions on locating the Host name on your Cisco IP phone display.

Cisco IP Phone: Voicemail Playback numbers

Learn about frequently used playback numbers and more.

Cisco IP Phone: Hunt Group

Step by step instructions on how to login/logout of Hunt Groups and general overview.

Cisco IP Phone: Self-Care Portal

Learn about the Cisco Unified Communications Self-Care web interface and options, use your StarID and password to the login.