Checking Your Voicemail

Checking Voicemail From Your Desk Phone

  • The light on the top of your hand set will turn red when you have an unheard voicemail
  • There are two ways you can access your voicemail:
    • You can select the option next to the screen on the right side to listen to the unheard voicemail or select the Messages button
    • From your Cisco phone, press the voicemail button. It is an icon located on your phone that looks like a tape cassette. Follow the prompts to login with your PIN and to listen to your new or old messages.
      • Once finished, you can select End Call or hang up the handset if picked up

Log on to Voicemail from a different Phone

  • Dial 1202 (on-campus) or 651-793-1202 (off-campus)
  • Press the * key when voicemail answers
  • Enter your extension followed by the # key.
  • Enter your PIN followed by the # key.

Accessing Voicemail Messages via Email

By default, all individuals will have their voicemail integrated into their Office 365 Outlook account. 

Your voicemail message is presented to you as an email with a .WAV attachment. You can download that message and listen to it through your computer. 

Deleting Messages:  When you delete a message from the Outlook client, it will move it to the trash in your voicemail box and Outlook.  If you are getting warnings about space in your voicemail box being low, you will also need to empty the messages from your Outlook trash to completely remove them from your voicemail box.

Using the Web Interface to Listen to Messages

While on a University provided Wi-Fi or wired internet connection, you can access the web portal to manage or listen to your voicemail –

  • Note: To access the Web Interface off-campus from a university issued laptop, you will need to be connected through the VPN.

You can log in using your StarID username and password.

You can also change your voicemail PIN from this website. After logging in select Settings, which will open a new web page. From there, select Passwords -> PIN. Make sure to select Save.

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